Sand Bags that Self Inflate in Minutes 
No Prior Preparation Needed!! No Laboring!! No Experience Necessary!! Just Add Water!! 
Revolutionizing Flood Control with a Sandless Sandbag!!!!

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Our self-inflating flood bags keep you prepared so that when the floods come you can reduce the impact to your property and possessions. Unlike traditional sandbags our flood bags come flat packed. Contained within each bag is a cotton liner holding 200g of the Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate. This polymer has the ability to absorb and safely hold up to 100 times its weight in water. One flood bag can absorb up to 20 litres of water, the final weight of the bag is approximately 18 - 20 kg. The super absorbent polymer is a non-toxic product that can be disposed of via landfill or incineration.

The flood bag itself is made from jute, a strong natural fibre, which is extracted from the bark of the jute plant. Unlike the plastics used in some inflatable flood bags, jute provides an ecologically sound alternative. Jute is bio-degradable and and decomposes easily to restore nutrients to the soil and on combustion its fumes are non-toxic. Our flood bags are sturdy and strong and can withstand the significant pressure created by floodwaters.

Prior to Inflation

Dimension (LxWxH)59 x 35 x 0.5 cm


After Inflation

Weight up to 20 Kgs

Traditional Sandbags have been steadfast tools in fighting floods for centuries. They have provided a way to prevent or reduce floodwater ingress into homes and businesses. However, they are not easy to store as they take up so much space, they are very heavy and take too much time to deploy.

self-inflating flood bag does the same job as the traditional sandbag but without the associated hassles. Below is a comparison between traditional sandbags and our innovative new product.


•Heavy and difficult to transport and carry. Can cause Health & Safety problems in the workplace.

•Elderly people amongst many others can find it difficult to lift ad move sandbags.

•Require significant manpower to fill and transport sandbags and often stocks run low in crisis times, leaving residents and businesses unprotected.

•Have to be replaced regularly due to deterioration, can be expensive and labour intensive.

•Local Authorities, homeowners and businesses require space for storage of sandbags.

•The filling of sandbags requires the excavation of sand from the land, which in itself has environmental implications.


•Lightweight, easy to transport and carry. Each bag
weighs 400 grams prior to use thus eradicating any Health & Safety issues caused by lifting heavy weights.

•This product can be used by practically anyone.

•This product requires very little labour to prepare and use. Thousands can be quickly and easily transported during flood times, saving on fuel, wages and man-power.

•Stocks can be maintained at appropriate levels due to ease of storage and
shelf-life (3 years).

•This product can be stored, unused for up to 3 years in dry conditions. When required replacement is simple and relatively inexpensive.

•Due to their compact and lightweight nature thousands can be stored in much smaller spaces.

•This product simply requires water to be activated and expands to
full capacity in 3-5 minutes. Once the product has been immersed/soaked in water it can be used to build a dam in the same way as traditional sandbags and remain inflated for up to 8 weeks.

•Our flood bags are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.


The self-inflating flood bag can be used in any situation where you want to quickly remove water, these include 

•Plumbing incidents –
Burst pipes, Bath overflow, Washing machine/Dishwasher leaks etc

•Redirecting water flow –
Car Parks, Roads, Building sites

•Absorbing excess rainwater –
Construction site trenches/ Playing fields/ Golf Courses

•General drainage –
Underground areas, Basements, Car Parks, Railway Lines

In addition our flood bags can be used in the process of greening, this is the method of promoting the root growth of trees/shrubs and plants through the presence of an adequate water supply at root level.

Self-inflating flood bags can hold up to 20 litres of freshwater. Over time the bags will deflate as the water is released by the super absorbent polymer. This action lends itself to slow release watering of new shrubs/trees and plants. By simply placing an inflated flood bag in the ground prior to planting you will ensure that the new plant has a good initial supply of water. This promotes the growth of roots downwards instead of outwards and upwards when the plant requires more water. The result is a healthy stable root system which improves soil cohesion and reduces soil erosion, especially important for the cultivation of embankments or areas of high wind.

Our flood bags are also very useful in combating dehydration in trees/shrubs and plants during hot dry periods. Once the bags are implanted in flowerbeds and borders they can act as a reservoir. Heavy rainfall can be absorbed, held within the bags and released slowly, as opposed to running away into drainage systems. 

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